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Origin Projects

What is Origin?

Origin is Electronic Art's gaming platform built to support users purchasing and playing games as well as socializing with friends.

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Search Redesign

Created a future-proofed universal search experience for Origin.

Internal Tools

A small project with a huge impact. Saved the team 60 hours per week by designing a tool to help create and reuse testing profiles.


Designed the chat system in Origin which supports voice chat.

Case study currently being written.

iWork Icons - Keynote, Pages, and Numbers

iWork Projects

What is iWork?

iWork is Appleā€™s productivity suite of software made up of Keynote, Pages, and Numbers. I assisted senior designers on all products.

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iWork Templates

Implemented templates for iWork on desktop and iOS.

Assisted Senior Designers

I worked alongside the Senior Designers on iWork, assisting them with various user experiences across the suite.